A passion to create high-value products for the people

UNISYNK is born from a passion to create high-value universal products for the people. We combine stable technologies with mechanical innovations in an aesthetic form that aligns with purpose and usefulness. The result is reliable, intuitive, safe, high-performing and attractive products that at each price point aim to be superior to alternatives. A UNISYNK product is never the cheapest alternative but at its given price it has great value.

Keep it clean, purposeful and long-lasting

Based in Stockholm, Sweden; our Scandinavian heritage is clearly reflected in each product. Our taste is for utilitarian products without ornaments and it is our deep belief that great product design is clean-cut and purposeful. We do not want to add to the waste from consumer products, therefore UNISYNK products exceed the lifespan of comparable alternatives through the right combination of intelligent engineering, material use, production method and component choice.

Our Scandinavian heritage and Swedish production

We are proud of the industrial heritage and the manufacturing knowledge that exist in Sweden. Therefore we produce most of our purely mechanical products here in Sweden. All our smartphone holders are made in Stockholm, resulting in near perfect quality control, fast iterations and minimal environmental pressure from unnecessarily lengthy transportations. UNISYNK is the choice for consumers seeking reliable, intuitive, safe, high-performing and aesthetically pleasing products

Contact us

We are always interested in customer feedback or general enquiries. If we can be of assistance with any concerns regarding our products we will be so. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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