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UNISYNK USB-A Charger with Micro-USB Cable

USB-A charger is a safe high power charger packaged in a beautiful and compact case with practical features such as stand for phone and LED inside USB-port. Includes one reversible Micro-USB cable with several unique and innovative features.


Custom electrical component design allow it to be the probably slimmest charger with this power (2,4 A) in the world. Includes one USB-A 2.0 to Micro-USB reversible (insert both ways) 1 m cable (Aramide reinforced, unique color identification, tactile moon code that corresponds to Latin script). Sleep well while charging, knowing that the charger production facility is frequently and meticulously inspected by engineers from the German safety company TüV (=TüV certified). 5 year warranty.

Compatibility: All devices that can charge from a micro-USB cable
Warranty: 5 year

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EAN: 7350069460936 SKU: 10202 Category:

NW: 68 g
GW: 93 g

Weight 93 g