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99 out of 100 times the fault actually isn’t the hubs.

1. Check for dust, dirt and grime in the USB-C port. Use canned air to clean the ports. 

2. Your laptops USB-C port doesn’t support video. Either google your laptops datasheet to see what it can do or look for a “D” next to the port. There are alot of USB-C ports out there and they have renamed them since then. This link is just what ASUS had.

3. Plug in your computers USB-C powercord into the hub. The computers software might not send out enough power. For optimal use get a 75W PD charger from us, plug it into the hub and the hub to the computer. 

4. Update your BIOS(Basic Input/Output System). ONLY do this through your laptop manufacturers webpage. Be sure to chose the EXACT model that you have. Their support page will direct you.

Good Luck!

It depends on the model.

Supports HDCP:

8 Port USB-C Hub, 10 Port Dual Screen USB-C Hub

Does not support HDCP:

3 Port USB-C Hub

It depends on the model.

Supports data transmission through the USB-C port:

10 Port Dual Screen USB-C Hub

Only support power passthrough.:

8 Port USB-C Hub, 3 Port USB-C Hub.

A large part of Apple’s computers has a design flaw with the 2,4 Ghz wifi. It’s usually MacBooks in combination with hubs that has USB 3.0. Electromagnetic interference is created that can knock out the signals.

The solution is as simple as ordinary aluminum foil. This is the actual link we got from Apple.

A second solution is going to: Launchpad > System Preferences > Network > Settings(gear icon) > Set Service Order > Move “WIFI” to second or third place instead of first. This solution is less tried, but should supposedly work.

Hopefully Apple will fix this problem with future products.


Yes. Our holders fit all smartphones up to a length of 168 mm.

Contact us below, include your postal address and we will send it to you.

Contact us below, include your postal address and we will send you.

Contact us below, include your postal address and we will send you an upgrade for up to 168mm tall phones.

Please see our warranty information page

Typical warranty is 2-5 years, depending on product.

There are two common faults here. 

The iOS 13.1.3 update in particular introduced alot of wireless charging bugs. Make sure to update to iOS 14 or later(released 16 sept, 2020). Some users even need to do a hard reset.


The other fault is that iPhone 11 and later changed some standards for QI-wireless charging. So if you have bought our phone holders with wireless charging(The PD-charger and the charging pad works fine) and it doesn’t work, contact us below with your adress and we will send you a new module that works with your new phone.

Just use the form below.

To get the best reply as quickly as possibly, try to answer the questions below.

What product to do you own from us?

What is the error occuring(describe as thoroughly as possible)?

What computer/mobile(as exact a version as possible) are you using the product with?

What solutions have you tried yourself so far(describe as thoroughly as possible)?

Do you have any extension cables/chargers connected?

We design and build our own products. We also test them both internally and hire external labs. Unfortunately there are alot of variants of computers and cars out there and there will always be new problems arising. We make durable products, that are not meant to be throwaways, at a good price point for the consumer. Atleast try to contact us to lessen the enviromental footprint.

Good Luck!


We answer within 48 hours on business days. (often a lot quicker!)

OBS! The response times during the Holidays and New Year might be longer, especially in conjunction with Covid. We ask for your understanding in case it takes extra long time.

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