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UNISYNK Tripler Black

Tripler is probably the most practical 3x port multi-charger, easy to use in the home, then simple to grab along during travel.

Many chargers provides high power per port, but low total power. This multi-charger can provide full power (2.4A) on all ports – simultaneously! Use the wall dock with the supplied tape or screws to secure the multi-charger in the most convenient location, for example: on the wall, in a locker or under a table. Sleep well while charging, knowing that the charger production facility is frequently and meticulously inspected by engineers from the German safety company TüV. 

Compatibility: All phones with 104-168mm height
Warranty: 3 years

EAN: 7350069460073 Article no: 10146 Category:

NW: 285 g
GW: 337 g